Why do cats like to drink toilet water?

The cute little cat on weekdays secretly drinks toilet water… What a crush! Why do cats love to drink water from the toilet?

Smell good for cat

Why can’t the “smell of urine” stop cats? It may be because cats’ rejection of these flavors is not as serious as you think, just imagine the cat’s drinking place in nature, the surface and carrier are not so clean. Especially when you flush the toilet frequently and wash it very diligently, at least there is no smell on the surface that repels the cat. Cats are not repulsive, and even enjoy a little…
Cats’ ancestors are wild animals, and drinking urine can help them recover their bodies. Natural selection keeps them in the act of peeing at a fixed point, believing that it will make it easier for them to find a source of food. In addition, drinking your own urine can also prevent mosquito bites.

Even if you brush the toilet with chlorine-containing bleach or detergent, some cats will be attracted to the smell and even have a catnip-like reaction — rubbing, snoring, and drooling.

Cooler, even fresher.
The water in the toilet bowl is cooler, while the water in the cat’s water bowl is warmer, which also leads some cats to prefer to drink the water in the toilet.

Moreover, the water in the toilet bowl is definitely fresher than the water in the cat’s water bowl. You find it incredible? Think about changing water for cats a few times a day, and flushing the toilet at least a few times.

So you need to first reflect on yourself, whether the frequency of changing the water bowl is too low.

Attracted by flowing Awater.

When you finish using the toilet, press the flush switch, and leave the bathroom easily, the cats around you may receive a signal: how natural and wonderful the sound of this clear water rushing is, it must be a very delicious spring or stream!

Yes, the sound of running water in the toilet will evoke the original instinct of cats to find natural living water in the wild, in addition to the water in the toilet, many cats also like the running water in the water pipe.
In nature, living water is healthier than stagnant water, which is why cats are attracted to the “flowing water” in their homes.

Is drinking water from the toilet safe for cat?

Of course not

Drinking the water in the toilet is easy to make your cat contaminated by E. coli, especially when you don’t like cleaning the toilet. People may even transmit parasites such as Giardia to cats. People undergoing chemotherapy and other medication treatment may also affect cats by excreting toxic substances attached to the toilet through feces.

If you are a diligent toilet cleaner, it’s even worse because depending on the concentration of residual cleaning agents in the toilet, contaminated water may cause burns to the cat’s throat or mouth, and even cause symptoms such as vomiting, drooling, abdominal pain, and redness in the mouth. Residual cleaning fluid can affect the health of cats.

Of course, if you wash the toilet several times before letting the cat drink water, then because the concentration of the cleaning agent decreases, Meow people may not wait!

How can a Meow Star person stop drinking water from the toilet? One method is to prepare water that is fresher and cleaner than the water in the toilet for cats to drink, such as a flowing water dispenser or fountain water dispenser, so that cats mistakenly think it is a basin of live water. Of course, if you don’t clean the water dispenser for a week, the water in the dispenser may be dirtier than the water in the toilet. Finally, the most important and effective way is, of course – to cover the toilet seat every time you use the restroom!

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