Can QR code tag guarantee my pets be retrieved?

The QR code tag is bound to a web page that is exclusive to you and can be customized, anyone who cares to find that your dog is lost can use the mobile phone browser to scan the QR code to open the page and find your contact information. This method will help your pet home to a great extent, but it is not 100%.

I’m worried that your service will be interrupted.

We will continue to maintain and improve the service profitably and guarantee one year’s notice of the service closure.

Can I customize my social media pages into QR codes?


How to ensure that my personal privacy information will not be collected?

You don’t need to fill in your personal information to the pet-specific page right away, you can fill in the basic information first, and fill in the contact information when you need it (we hope this will never happen)

Will it take long to receive the tag?

Since the tags needs to be customized and needs to be shipped from China, it may take you 15-30 days to get it.

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