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Perfect toy for your furry friend who loves to play and make noise. With its funny styling, it’s sure to accompany your dog to play happily. The toys are designed to look like different types of food, including a hamburger, hot dog, and pizza slice, adding a touch of fun to your pet’s playtime.

What makes these toys unique is that they are vocalizing toys, which means they make noise when your pet plays with them. The toys emit a fun and playful sound that is sure to keep your pet entertained for hours on end. The sound is activated when your pet squeezes or bites down on the toy, making it a fun and interactive experience for both you and your pet.

It’s made from high-quality and environmentally friendly plush fabric, ensuring durability and longevity. The super-soft velvet material is comfortable and soft, making it perfect for your pet to cuddle with or play with. The PP cotton used in the toy is strictly

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Use For ELABORATELY MADE FOR HEALTHMoe styling Moe and funny styling toaccompany the dog to play happily Highstrength and tear resistantmaterial High quality andenvironmentally friendly plushfabric protects the physicaland mental health of dogsVoice feedback During the process of dog biting, ittriggers sound to increase funSuper-soft velvet Comfortable and soft PP cotton Strict selection of rawmaterials with excellentsoftness, comfortable andnot easily deformed Sound feedback Bite and make a sound, it's alot of fun Teeth cleaning Effectively protecting the oralcavity and achieving theeffect of grinding andcleaning teeth

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Apple, Avocado, Banana, Bone, Carrot, Chili Pepper, Donut, Drumstick, Drumstick Bone, Drumstick Fired, Eggplant, French fries, Hamburg, Hot dog, Ice Cream, Kiwi, Lollipop, Mushroom, Orange, Pizza, Potato Chip, Pumpkin, Shrimp, Strawberry, Watermelon, Watermelon Chunk, Watermelon Slice


Black, Orange, Red, White, Beige, Black White, Blue, Blue Orange, Brown, Champagne, Chocolate, Coffee, Cream, Darkblue, Green, Grey, Grey Darkblue, Orange Blue, Pink, Pink Blue, Purple, Purple Lawngreen, Red Pink, Reddish brown, White Black, Yellow

1 review for Plush vocalizing toys Food

  1. jay bo

    At present, it looks very strong, and it is very suitable for dogs to play, basically have to hold and sleep, especially the chicken leg that seems to have magic, and I like the shape of chicken leg the most

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