Avoid cats get litter all around the floor

Yes, cats can produce cat litter all around the floor. To prevent this, we can take the following measures:

Place litter boxes in a convenient location. Make sure the litter boxes are placed in a quiet, dark place, and away from areas where children or pets may play.

Regularly clean the litter boxes. The outer surface and depth of the litter boxes should be cleaned every week.

Keep the litter boxes clean. Make sure that litter in the litter box is fresh and full, and that there are no litter in the litter box.

Use an odorless cat litter. Some cat litters have strong odors, which can attract mosquitoes and other insects. You can consider using odorless cat litters or cat litter with a milder scent.

Check for mites. Some cat litters can attract mites, which can make the problem worse. When cleaning, inspect the entire litter box for mites.

If you have difficulties cleaning the litter box, consider buying a mat for cat to walk in,it’s sparse mesh structure allows the cat’s litter to leak in, while preventing the cat’s feet from getting caught the litter and taking it away,which will ensure that your cat’s living environment is clean and healthy.

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